NEO CONSULTING CO.LTD is a leading software outsourcing company focusing primarily on IT consulting and offshore programming services for both Asean and East Asia marketplaces.

In today's environment of increased competition, disruptive market dynamics and the convergence of telecom, media and other industries, technology leaders must adapt and capitalize on new opportunities, anywhere in the world. The underlying dynamics of software development have changed, and today's clients demand world-class design, better user experiences, and more functionality for lesser cost. At the same time, developing a product that fits constantly changing market demands is increasingly complex and challenging.

NEO CONSULTING CO.LTD provides solutions in various IT projects, and we are a leading service provider in various fields using advanced software engineering:

- Project Management Consultancy
- Software Development Outsourcing
- Application Quality Control Services
- 24/7 Support Team & Workspace Rental

Our services are rendered in the close association with clients so that we can give solution keeping their objective and end vision in the mind. We have became the most reliable company and you can always rely on us.